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When it comes to living a fuller, healthier life, whole house water filter systems can be the most important piece of fitness equipment we can buy. But while most of us are aware of the benefits of diet and exercise, we tend to overlook one of the building blocks of good health – water
As people have become more health conscious, they have turned to alternatives such as bottled or distilled water, but these or distilling is not much better. While the distillation process cleans water of some contaminants, it misses far more than it catches as most contaminants are much smaller in molecular structure than water itself. Distilling also tends to strip water of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, leaving it high in acid and low in alkaline. Drinking highly acidic water has been found to increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. To ensure that your water is providing the most health benefit, whole house water filter systems are far more dependable than any other means of purification.
A whole house water filter system will ensure that all the water you use on a daily basis for drinking, cooking and showering, will be as clean and healthy as possible and your bodies will thank you for it. You’ll see and feel the difference filtered water can make almost immediately.
The good news is that there are many options available to consumers when it comes to whole house water filter systems. Before purchasing a system for your home, educate yourself about the differences in each individual unit and pay careful attention to the Performance Data Sheet which will give you a clear picture of just how well the unit works to clean your water. State regulations can also give you an idea of which product to choose.
Generally speaking, a whole house water filter system which uses a multi-stage filtration process will give you the most thorough purification. Units can attach either directly at your home’s main water supply (point of entry) or at individual sinks or showers (point of use). Some combination of both is usually the most effective approach. You’ll also want to be sure that the filter you purchase uses a multi-media block filter with activated carbon. Nothing provides greater purification than a carbon based process.
Things you must do before purchasing a whole home filter system include check the peak usage at your particular home, and then check the hardness and pH of your home’s water as well. Knowing these factors is essential to making the right decision. Because it certainly is one of the most important things we consume on a daily basis and it is very important that is be as clean and as pure as possible. Cleaning it is not just necessary for drinking but having it nice for your showers and for cleaning is also essential. Your clothes and body will be cleaner than ever after installing the appropriate type of system in your house.
Having the very best filter for your home’s needs is really essential to keeping your family’s water clean and smelling nice and really keeping then as healthy as possible. There is no reason to consume additives found in yours that makes it unhealthy or dangerous to your health, when getting a filtration system is so simple. The money you save on bottled water and other things will help pay for the filter itself and the health benefits are priceless

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